Broome boys driven to succeed

The Broome Academy in WA’s Kimberley region has been using restrictions resulting from the pandemic as an opportunity to develop the work-ready documents and skills of academy members.

Academy staff are working closely with the boys to develop their resumes, obtain their Learner’s Permits and increase the log books hours for those young men working towards their P-Plates.

“Given so many of our traditional activities such as camps and sporting events are not currently possible, we’re had a really strong focus on preparing our boys to become work-ready,” said Jack Reagan, Broome Academy Director.

“Developing work-ready skills is already a significant component of the Clontarf programme, but this gives us a chance to get even further ahead and ensure the boys are as prepared as possible for when they start part-time work during school or full-time once they finish Year 12.”

Broome Academy staff have also worked closely with both Broome Senior High School and St Mary’s College to develop and deliver work packs for students. Boys who complete their work packs are provided with ‘snack packs’ as reward.

The academy room has also been utilised by students who require access to computers and online learning resources.

The Broome Academy staff would like to thank the teaching staff at both schools for being so supportive of the programme and its participants.

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