Clontarf and Covid-19 – a Message from our CEO

A message from Clontarf Foundation Chief Executive Officer, Gerard Neesham

As you’re aware, the Covid-19 ‘coronavirus’ is having a significant impact around the country. The purpose of this memo is to update you on the steps being taken by Clontarf to ensure the continued health and well-being of the 9,000 young men in our programme and the 465 staff members supporting them.

As at Monday 16 March, the Foundation is continuing to consult with education authorities on the level of engagement in academies. A number of academies have reduced their contact time due to their host schools minimising before and after school activity. Our staff members continue to attend during school hours and are available to support students.

For academies that remain open, our staff are being extra diligent with regards to academy room cleanliness and the promotion of thorough hygiene practices. Staff will continue to instruct academy members to:

  • wash hands with soap and/or hand sanitiser thoroughly
  • cover their coughs/sneezes with a tissue or their inner elbow
  • take extra care when preparing/consuming food
  • stay home if they are feeling sick

We have also taken steps to reduce contact with external visitors such as representatives from Clontarf partners. While our partners provide valuable opportunities for Clontarf participants, we feel that it is in the interests of our boys, staff and our partners that all Clontarf events and external activities, such as camps, be cancelled.

If any parents/carers have any concerns about the welfare of their students, we recommend you direct them to the relevant Academy Director.

This is a swiftly evolving issue and I will endeavour to provide updates as new information comes to light. Until then, I implore you to continue to listen to reputable sources such as the health department and to respond to instructions provided by your school.


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