Clontarf and Kellogg’s fill local bowls

Clontarf academies across the country regularly receive donations of cereal thanks to a partnership with Kellogg’s Australia, but with many of our programme participants now studying from home due to the pandemic, much of this cereal would lay unused were it not for the initiative shown by dedicated Clontarf staff members.

Staff at Irrawang Academy in Newcastle, NSW are making regular trips out to the boys’ homes with breakfast care packages, consisting of an assortment of nutritious breakfast options thanks to Kellogg’s.

“More than 25 families received the deliveries in the first week of the social distancing restrictions and all were incredibly appreciative,” said Irrawang Academy Director Cliff Sampson.

“We always have an ample supply of cereal on hand in the academy to make sure the boys have plenty of fuel to get them through the day after their morning training sessions. It made perfect sense for us to drop these supplies off to the families who need it. These boys are still studying hard and working towards Year 12 completion and they can’t be doing that on empty stomachs.”

The Clontarf Foundation would like to thank Kellogg’s Australia for being such a firm supporter of our programme and our academy members.

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