Clontarf and Kmart Collaborate in the Red Centre

15 young men from our three Alice Springs academies in the Northern Territory are currently working with long-standing Clontarf partner Kmart.

Five graduates (including two employed during the pandemic) and 10 current students from Centralian Middle, Centralian Senior and Yirara academies work in a range of departments across the store in full-time, part-time and casual roles.

The relationship with Kmart Alice Springs has grown significantly in the past six months, with the academy taking part in regular activities such as tours of the store, phone interviews with Kmart staff and morning training sessions. During National Reconciliation Week in May, nine Clontarf boys were invited to a special dinner with local Kmart staff. Kmart has also generously donated a range goods to the academies.

Kmart Alice Springs Store Operations Manager Kay Strowger said Clontarf students, including Year 10 Yirara Academy student Alonzo Nelson, had made a huge difference in the store.

“The number of compliments that I was receiving for Alonzo was unbelievable, given they were for his first shift,” she said.

“I had an elderly man that stopped me in the store and wanted to say how proud he was to have this young man working on the door. Alonzo was so focused on getting this task right and it was so great to stand back and observe him.”

Alonzo, who works three to four days a week, said he was enjoying the opportunity to make some money while studying.

“I’m enjoying making new friends and getting paid,” he said.

“I’m saving my money but I’m also putting some aside for a new phone.”

The Foundation would like to thank the team at Kmart Alice Springs for providing such wonderful support for the young men in our programme.

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