Good Bunch Lunch Goes Mobile

Clontarf’s famous ‘Good Bunch Lunch’ is an activity that is run by most academies around the country and is designed to reward students for excellent school attendance and in-class behaviour.

Despite the pandemic, the staff at Chifley Senior Academy in Mount Druitt, NSW were intent on maintaining routine for academy members and decided to go mobile with the popular activity.

Supported by Clontarf partner TransGrid and local catering company Kallico Catering, meals were delivered to students studying from home each Friday if they’d maintained strong school attendance online, logged into Google Classrooms regularly and completed their assessments on time.

Meals that were prepared and delivered included lasagne, garlic bread, shepherd’s pie, fettuccine carbonara, butter chicken and rice, chicken stir fry, damper and fruit salad.

“The Good Bunch Lunch is a great way to reward our academy boys for their good attendance and behaviour, and it gives them something to look forward to at the end of each week,” said Academy Director Geoff Daniela.

“The boys appreciated the extra support during the pandemic, and it made a real difference to their school engagement and general well-being. Thank you to our good friends at TransGrid and Kallico Catering for working with us to make this happen.”

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