Jayden Barnes is ‘Mr 100%’

When Jayden Barnes started high school at Kingaroy State High School in 2016, he was determined to attend every single class, every single day.

Four years later and at the end of Year 10, not only has Jayden never missed a day of school, he has never missed a class.

Perfect attendance: Jayden Barnes flanked by Kingaroy Academy (QLD) staff Toby Broomhall (left) and Michael Brown (right).

While his will to succeed is driven by his own desire to be the best he can be, he credits Kingaroy Clontarf Academy for helping him to reach his ambitious goals.

“100 percent is something that I am extremely proud of,” he said.

“It’s something I try to maintain every day that I come to school and with the help of the attendance board in the Clontarf room, I can see exactly what my attendance is and who else is doing well in theirs.”

For the last four years, Jayden has been awarded Kingaroy Academy’s Attendance Award and at this year’s awards ceremony, he was named ‘Lion of the Year’ – a title coveted by academy participants.

In addition to his Clontarf achievements, he was elected the Junior School Indigenous Leader in 2018.

“In a town where staying connected to your culture can be difficult, being able to bring my love for Indigenous culture into the school community is something that I immensely enjoyed.”

After he finishes Year 12, Jayden plans to get a trade, work in the mining industry and continue to be a role model for younger generations of Clontarf men coming through the programme.

Well done Jayden and keep up the great work!

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