Clontarf Foundation Celebration Luncheon

Welcome to the Clontarf Foundation Celebration Luncheon, hosted by our valued partners Blackwoods.

If you are keen to take the next step, we would like to host you at an academy.

Integrated into each host school, the academy room acts as a home base for Clontarf members before and after school, at recess and lunch, and during designated academy time. The rooms are the heartbeat of the programme and are an environment where academy members can develop their skills and abilities, and deepen their relationship with Clontarf mentors.

There are a variety of opportunities for an academy visit and to meet the boys:

  • Participating in or witnessing a morning training session and breakfast
  • Joining the academy’s top attenders for a ‘Good Bunch Lunch’
  • Touring the academy room and hear about the achievements of academy members
  • Speaking with senior students about their aspirations for the future.

The Foundation operates 149 academies across the country, including 54 in New South Wales, so we can coordinate a visit to a convenient location.

To organise a visit of an academy contact Alex Schwarz (Partnerships Manager – Sydney) or James Grant (Partnerships Manager – NSW Regional).

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