The Sky Is The Limit For Zac

Zac Cattlin is flying – literally.

The Swan Hill Academy alumni graduated from Year 12 and completed a school based carpentry apprenticeship in 2016. During the year he was awarded the Caltex Best All Rounder Award which recognised his excellence in academic, leadership, sporting and community service activities. He thoroughly enjoyed the trade industry at the time and couldn’t see himself doing anything else, though he longed to undertake university studies with the hopes of becoming a pilot. “I didn’t think I would have got a good enough score to chase my dream of being a pilot,” Zac said shortly after he completed school. Despite his doubts, Zac soon received exciting news that he had been accepted into university. Two years on, Zac has completed his second year of a Bachelor of Applied Science (Aviation) at RMIT in Melbourne, has secured an internship at Qantas and is employed casually at his local Bunnings café where he serves coffee to the store’s patrons. Needless to say, Zac is loving every bit of it. “I absolutely love the feeling of flying,” Zac said. “I have met some great people along the way who have been very supportive and encouraging, especially the teams I work with at Qantas and Bunnings.” While most university students are returning home for the festive season, Zac is staying in Melbourne to work with the Qantas engineering team and to take on additional shifts at Bunnings, much to the admiration of his colleagues. “Zac has a great attitude and a real willingness to learn and become better,” said Paul Wyborn, Zac’s flight mentor at RMIT. “He is always organised and up-to date with his uni work and flying.” “Zac is a terrific addition to our team and has a very bright future,” said Richard Bar, Zac’s Team Leader at Bunnings. “I am glad we can support him in his journey to becoming a pilot.” Zac has shown anything is possible if you have the right attitude, are eager to learn and commit to never selling yourself short. Well done Zac and thank you to our partners Qantas and Bunnings (Wesfarmers) for providing these opportunities!

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